12 great benefits of hiring a commercial electrician

To run a successful business, you need to do more than simply track the numbers and develop marketing strategies. Your business infrastructure and facilities should be working properly to maximise productivity.

Electricity is fundamental to business operations, and it is the responsibility of business owners to provide working electrical systems. Here are 12 benefits of hiring a commercial electrician to do the work.

1. They understand the relevant electrical codes

All electrical systems must comply with strict codes for their installation. These ensure they work seamlessly and are safe to use. Commercial electricians will ensure all your electrical systems meet the necessary standards.

2. They provide high-quality commercial lighting

Commercial lighting needs are very different from household lighting. Your employees need enough light to stay alert and productive, but not so much as to cause eyesight problems. Substandard commercial lights are a common problem, and a commercial electrician will always fit high-quality lighting to meet your needs.

3. They improve your electrical systems

Though you may have had the latest electrical systems installed, they become obsolete with time. An experienced commercial electrician can upgrade your electrical systems at every opportunity, either by adding new fixtures or tweaking the existing systems to increase their lifespan.

4. They understand lightning protection systems

Lightning protection systems are designed to intercept, transmit and disperse lightning strikes safely to the ground. High-rise buildings are particularly prone to lightning strikes, so protection is important to avoid building damage and serious injury to occupants. Commercial electricians understand these systems and can install them effectively.

5. They watch out for electrical hazards

Electrical hazards are very serious because they can be fatal in some cases. It takes a trained eye to spot many electrical hazards, and a commercial electrician will identify them and remedy them on the spot. They will also inspect electrical systems for potential hazards for maximum workplace safety.

commercial electricians looking at clipboard

6. They are good in an emergency

Commercial technicians have undertaken emergency preparedness training to respond quickly when there is an electrical emergency. They have the ability to save when needed, in the event of problems with things like smoke detection systems, carbon monoxide detectors and failed fire alarms. With a commercial electrician covering these things, your emergency systems will stay in good health.

7. They can lower your energy consumption

A good commercial electrician will reduce your energy bills substantially. They will always implement the most energy-efficient products and systems for your workplace. This can lower your carbon footprint and save money on electrical bills, enabling you to invest that money into something more productive.

8. They keep workflow interruptions to a minimum

Interruptions to workflow mean costly downtime and, ultimately, a loss of income. Commercial electricians can help prevent these interruptions by troubleshooting your systems for existing or potential problems. They will also monitor systems closely to keep everything in good working order.

9. They are licensed, insured and guaranteed

One of the best things about commercial electricians is that they are licensed to do the work. They are also fully insured in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong and can guarantee their work, meaning they will come back for free if there are any problems with the installation.

10. Hiring a Commercial Electrician is cost-effective

It may seem like bringing in a commercial electrician is more expensive than cutting corners and doing bits yourself, but this isn’t really the case. The high standards of work that commercial electricians do ensure installations work effectively and are very durable, which is never guaranteed with substandard work. In the long term, a commercial electrician will save you money.

11. They offer expert advice

Your commercial electrician understands the working mechanism of all the electrics in your system. This means they can offer valuable advice on best practices to ensure maximum functionality and durability at all times.

12. They save you time as well as money

You will find it far easier to manage other important things when you delegate the management of an electrical project to a commercial electrician. They will be able to interpret the symptoms of the problem to identify the root cause in no time. This saves you time, and they will get to work and finish quickly so that you can return to business as usual.


All-in-all, there are many benefits to hiring commercial electricians to handle the electrics in your workplace. It maximises compliance, safety, cost-effectiveness and time efficiency and ensures you have the highest quality electrical systems at all times.

Olympic Electrical can provide all of this and more for locations throughout the Sydney region. If you need professional help to get high-quality, reliable and durable electrical systems in your workplace, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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