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Reliable Electrical Wiring Services In Sydney.

You’re at home, having a relaxing evening, and suddenly you experience a power outage, or you’ve moved to a new place and discovered the electrical wiring is old and unsafe. These aren’t just minor hassles; they can lead to big problems like fires or electric shocks.

Olympic Electrical offers a home wiring service to Sydney’s people. Our expert team has 10 years of experience and uses the latest technology to make sure your home is safe and well-wired. 

Whether it’s a complete rewiring job or a simple upgrade, we handle it with great attention to detail.

Don’t wait for a small issue to become a major problem; call us now and secure your home’s electrical future today.

What Are The Signs Indicating That Your House Needs Rewiring?

Keeping an eye out for signs that your house needs rewiring is a crucial task, and it can help you avoid all sorts of problems, such as electrical fires and costly repairs. 

So, let’s dive into the key indicators that suggest it’s time to consider rewiring your house:

  • Circuit breakers frequently trip
  • Lights flicker or appear dim
  • Detect a burning odour or sparks
  • Electrical panels are outdated
  • Electrical shocks or tingling sensations
  • Fuses blow frequently
  • Outlets or switches feel warm to touch
  • Electrical cables are cracking
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Why Should You Invest In Professional Electrical Rewiring Experts In Sydney?

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Investing in a professional house wiring service in Sydney is a smart decision for any homeowner. Your electrical system is the backbone of your home, responsible for powering lights, appliances, and devices.

Trying to rewire your home without a licensed electrician’s help can be risky. Professionals know how to ensure everything is safe so you don’t get hurt.

Our electricians have all the right tools to do the job well. When people try to do it themselves, they might make mistakes and break the rules, which can cause problems later on. 

After hiring us, you can be sure that your electrical system will work well, follow the rules, and stay in good shape for a long time.

How We Handle Your House Wiring

Planning the Layout

Planning the Layout

First, we carefully plan the house wiring layout, considering each room’s placement of outlets, switches, and fixtures. This ensures efficient and convenient access to electricity throughout the house.

Installing Wiring

Material Arrangement

Our next step is to arrange all the necessary materials and components for the house wiring project. This includes electrical cables, outlets, switches, junction boxes, and specialised equipment. 

Connecting Outlets and Switches

Installing Wiring

Wiring the house involves running electrical cables through walls, ceilings, and floors, connecting them to the main electrical panel. We ensure proper wire gauges for each circuit.

Safety Checks and Inspections

Connecting Outlets and Switches

When connecting outlets, switches, and fixtures, we start by putting in junction boxes and ensuring all the connections are safe and secure.

Final Testing and Cleanup

Safety Checks and Inspections

We conduct thorough safety checks and inspections to confirm everything is correctly wired and grounded. We also check for any potential hazards and address them promptly.

Final Testing and Cleanup

We thoroughly inspect your home’s wiring, including outlets, switches, and circuit breakers, to ensure safety and functionality. Afterward, we clean up, leaving your home ready for use.

What Makes Us the Ideal Choice for You

Planning the Layout

 Skilled and Experienced

When it comes to house wiring, expertise is non-negotiable. With a track record of 10 years, our team brings unparalleled skills to the table.

Safety is Non-Negotiable

Safety First

Our every project undergoes thorough safety inspections and adheres to strict compliance standards.


Quick Response

Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with electrical issues or undergoing a renovation. We pride ourselves on our rapid response times.

Save Money In The Long Run| Olympic Electrical

Payment Flexibility

Financial flexibility is a cornerstone of our customer service philosophy. To this end, we accept multiple forms of payment, including VISA and Master Card.

Safety Checks and Inspections

We are just a call away

We’re here when you need us the most because we know that emergencies can happen anytime. Remember that we are just a phone call away during such electrical emergencies.

Final Testing and Cleanup

Honest Pricing

Our pricing structure is transparent and fair because we believe in being upfront about our costs so you won’t encounter any unexpected fees or additional charges.

Feedback From Our Happy Clients

Sydney Electrician | Olympic Electrical

Feedback From Our Happy Clients

Trusted Local Electricians | Olympic Electrical

A Safer Home Is A Happier Home! Ensure Your Home's Safety with Sydney's Best House Wiring Team.

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Are you living in Sydney and searching for your nearest House Wiring Service? Look no further! We’re just a few miles from you, ready to serve all your electrical needs. 

Whether you’re renovating your home or experiencing electrical issues, our team of certified electricians is just a call away.

Our expert house wiring services let you make your home safer and more efficient. Don’t wait for electrical issues to escalate—take action today!

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