Home Rewiring Sydney

Despite being an indispensable part of our lives, it is no secret that electrical appliances often require expensive repairs. If not treated immediately, they can cause severe inconveniences and life-threatening accidents. Thus, rewiring an old and inefficient system is the first step towards using energy and technology judiciously without compromising your safety.

While DIY enthusiasts would want to take matters into their hands, we recommend letting the experts do the job. Since meddling with wires is a dangerous task that requires experience and precision, having a professional eye is always a good idea.

Even if you manage to upgrade your wiring system, you’ll eventually need a licensed electrician for an inspection. So, why not have them by your side from the start? That’s where our friendly and expert team of professionals can help you!

Home Rewiring in Sydney

Now, finding electrical service companies in Sydney is not a challenging task. But ensuring you get the best service at an indisputable rate is.

Our in-house trained electricians are here to understand your needs, create an effective plan of action that suits your budget and deliver results that last. With a range of wiring services to choose from, we ensure you get the best out of your gadgets and reduce your electricity bill in the long run.

We know how to strike a balance between providing you premium-quality service at an affordable price. So, don’t be afraid of a home rewiring session costing a bomb!

Who Are We?

Olympic Electrical is a family-owned business operating throughout the suburbs of Sydney. With the aim of offering reliable and high-quality service, we started serving our clients and forming an ever-growing family of satisfied customers.

When we say we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we mean it. You are our priority, so our task is never complete unless you’re satisfied.

We ensure you don’t feel even a pinch of inconvenience at any stage. Right from arriving at your residence on time to cleaning the work area before we leave- all you have to do is sit back and rest assured of the best service in town!

And in case you’re wondering, we don’t charge extra for tidying up the house. Our job is a messy one, and our workplace is your abode, so it only makes sense that we clean up the mess we made.

Speaking of costs, we follow a uniform pricing policy. Everyone pays the same amount for the same work, so you will never get unpleasant surprises from us!

Why Should You Hire Us?

We love answering this question!

Let’s start with letting you know that we are one of the top-rated electrical companies in Sydney. You can ensure this by visiting our official website and checking the 5-star rated customer reviews that speak volumes about our high-quality performance.

The credit for this goes to our skilled electricians. We handpick the most experienced and talented individuals for our team and continue to train them, so they stay ahead of technological trends.

As mentioned earlier, our clients are our family, so we like to stay close! To do so, we encourage our electricians to evolve their soft skills and maintain a friendly and helpful customer care team.

To gain your trust, we follow full transparency in our work. From start to finish, we’ll let you in on our process by inspecting the area, creating a blueprint of the following action, and providing a fixed quote. We guarantee honest and upfront information and no hidden costs. That’s how much your trust means to us!

Lastly, we work on weekdays and by appointments on Saturdays, but you can heave a sigh of relief knowing that our rates remain the same. No price hike on weekends, holidays, or any special days.

How To Contact Us?

Is your wiring system due for replacement or maintenance?

Well, it’s high time you got an upgraded wiring system, and Olympic Electrical is here to take care of that. Thankfully, contacting us is not as difficult as working with wires!

All you have to do is visit our official website and spot our emergency number on a bright orange button in the top-right corner. Simply click on it to call us directly. Our customer care team is available 24×7 at your service. So, feel free to contact us at odd hours, and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Or you can let us reach out to you by dropping your details on our ‘Contact’ page.  Again, since we’re always at your beck and call, we’ll get back to you shortly after you hit ‘Submit.’

So, call us now for the best home rewiring solutions and make your safe haven even safer!

Letter from the Director

Our Philosophy at Olympic electrical is to run the business following strong and simple codes which we pride ourselves on. We pride ourselves on Cleanliness, Reliability and Quality. By doing this we ensure every single client is left 100% satisfied!

It’s really that simple we treat everyone from our staff to our clients as family to ensure positive results and a happy fun work environment for all.

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