5 Common Household Problems That Require A Professional Electrician

Whether you own your own home or you’re renting, knowing when to call out an electrician to solve your problems is valuable knowledge to have. Read on for our 5 Common Household Problems That Require A Professional Electrician.

A qualified electrician can resolve many issues quickly and effectively, from complete power outages to the potential risk of damages and fires. As one of the most dangerous things to DIY in your home, it’s always better to leave electrics in the hands of professionals. Have a problem with the electrics in your home? Looking for a solution to an electrical problem? Here are five of the most common household problems you may have with your electrics – and why you’ll want to call out an expert residential electrician to get them fixed:

1. Broken fuses or ‘tripping’ electricity

Power outages can be a severe problem for any household. But if your neighbour’s power is still alive and kicking and yours is out entirely, that can be a sign the source of the problem is your own home. While there’s not much, you can do against general blackouts. You can generally resolve specific issues in your home with the help of an expert. If your electricity goes out entirely at irregular times or everything powers off when you switch the microwave on, that’s a sign to seek outside help.

An electrician can quickly identify the source of a tripping electrics problem, allowing for a far faster fix. In some cases, older appliances or unsuitable technology can lead to the issue, while outdated electrics in the home can be another critical cause. By hiring a residential electrician, you can ensure your home is never plunged into darkness at the worst possible moment again.

2. Flickering lights or irregular power

Flickering lights may seem like something out of a horror film, but it’s a reality in many houses, especially those with older electrics. Lights that flash when they’re on, whether it’s now and then or constantly, can be a sign of a bigger electrical problem in your home. Similarly, buzzing sounds when lights or on – or buzzing with no light coming on – can also be a sign that it’s time to bring in a trained and qualified professional.

An electrician will be able to look at your lights, whether it’s the whole house or a single room, to diagnose the issue. Using appropriate technology such as a power meter or voltage tester, an electrician can identify the source of the problem wherever it is in the home. In many cases, damaged wiring due to pests or loose wiring can cause flickering lights, requiring professional replacement to restore your lighting to its normal state.

3. Loss of power to a specific room

Power that suddenly goes missing from a specific room or set of rooms may sound unusual, but it’s more common than you might think. In some cases, simply flipping a fuse will resolve an issue with electrics, but in some cases, you may need some additional help to maintain power throughout your home. For reoccurring problems with loss of power, even if flipping a fuse fixes the issue, it’s always best to seek professional services.

There are many causes for loss of power in rooms in your home, from poor wiring jobs to damage from floods and other issues. An electrician can explore those causes safely, ensuring all precautions are in place to keep your home safe at all times. Now you know that loss of power is not necessarily one of the household problems that require a professional Electrician.

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4. The smell of burning in the walls or by a socket

A smell of burning is often something we dismiss in our home, but strange smells must be identified quickly and safely to ensure they can’t cause you any home. An odd scent or burning smell can signify serious things going on inside walls or by sockets that require urgent attention from a trained and qualified expert.

Arcing electricity is one of the more serious causes of these smells, and urgent fixes are required to prevent the possibility of burning, damage to your own or even electrocution. To keep your home and family safe, calling out a professional electrician is the best way to make your house safer faster – this is definitely one of the household problems that require a professional Electrician!

5. Outlets in the incorrect spot

Whether you’ve just moved into your property or you’re carrying out an entire remodel, wrongly placed outlets and sockets are one of the common household problems that require a professional electrician – particularly in kitchens or home offices. Marking where you want your new outlets is easy, but going all-in on the wiring to ensure your home is safe and functional is another challenge altogether. While not an emergency, a residential electrician is a perfect choice to relocate outlets quickly and safely to your new specifications and requirements.


Now that you know the common household problems that require a professional Electrician, you should have a better idea as to what you need to do next. As a common problem for any household looking to update or upgrade, it’s well worth having a reliable electrician to call as and when necessary. Need a qualified electrician in Sydney? Olympic Electrical are the ideal team for the job. Get in touch today to find out more about our emergency electrician in Sydney and residential electrician services.

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