Office Fit Out Electrician Sydney

When it comes to office fit-outs, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure the efficient utilisation of your office space.

To make your job easier, we provide commercial electrical contractors to take care of the electrical project in new offices. We do everything from data cabling to providing premium-quality lighting installations so that you can work uninterrupted.

Plus, we’ve all rights reserved on various electrical components, meaning you get nothing short of the best from our great team of professional electricians. Not only do we handle projects related to power supply but also commercial jobs like helping with electrical installations in a shop.

So, there are several ways how we can help you and to learn more about us, read on.

Office Fit Out Electrician – Why Hire Us?

In terms of commercial electrical services, our professional team is highly experienced in dealing with most situations. But our forte lies in office fit-outs and we can help you get a new office or business ready in no time.

We are a licensed company that has been involved in electrical work for office fit-outs for several years now. All you need to do is call us and our professional team will arrive at the spot to conduct electrical repair and maintenance. We also respond to special requests from customers, making us stand out in the market.

We have all rights reserved on our commercial services, guaranteeing efficient output which makes us one of the top companies in Sydney.

Cost Of Office Fit-outs 

Next, let’s look at the cost of doing electrical work for office fit-outs, a large part of which depends on the space of the proposed project. We provide more electricians to handle data cabling, lighting and installation for a large space, ensuring that the project gets completed on time.

Usually, office fit-outs require a lot of work and you need to have a substantial budget for quality output. However, we provide numerous great deals; all you need to do is contact us via email or directly call our helpline number to know more.

We’ll get back to you with a reasonable quote, including the service charges of electricians, cost of all the electrical work, installations and power supply. There won’t be any sudden expenses after we complete the work; you’ll only have to pay the price previously agreed upon.

How To Contact Us?

Contacting us is easy, and you can get in touch through the call option or the email address present on our website. Our customer service representatives are always ready to answer your queries, and you can discuss the work for which you’ll need our service.

This will help us get back to you with an estimate and after ironing out the details, our team of electrical contractors will start working.

Do We Perform Repairs?

Irrespective of whether you’re shifting your business to a new space or trying to renovate an old office, our quality service proves useful for most purposes. While our commercial electrical contractors help with office fit-outs, they will also look at the electrical cabling to conduct repairs.

It would be great if you called us first so that our professional team can survey the new space. Most importantly, we’ll check the power supply, ensuring you don’t face interruptions at work. Then, we’ll carry out installation and help with lighting repairs for the best results.

Why Is Data Cabling Important?

You’ve heard us mention data cabling many times so far, here’s where we’ll talk more about it in detail. In recent times data cabling has become important for running a business smoothly and helps connect all electrical appliances to a common server.

As a result, you can use the printer, computer and even CCTV cameras for the best office experience. Not only does using data cables keep offices safe but it also allows employees to work smoothly.

Our commercial electricians will help establish a secure connection to connect all the electrical appliances, making the office highly efficient. Now, depending on the size of offices, the cost may vary, but we have some great deals lined up for you.

Is Lighting Costly?

Much like office fit-outs, the lighting cost depends on the space and the number of lights you need. An office needs to be well-lit and our experienced commercial electrician will survey the area to get a clear picture. Following this, we can offer a quote and mention the number of bulbs needed for efficient lighting.

Office Maintenance

Along with the electrical services we provide for office fit-outs, we conduct maintenance from time to time. Hence, as a commercial electrical service, our work doesn’t end with installation or repair.

Our maintenance team comprises experienced electricians who will look at the electrical circuit and inspect all possible avenues where a problem might arise.

We’ll check if the power supply is steady, ensuring that your commercial purpose gets fulfilled. Other than that, the electrician will inspect the lighting to prevent flickering and replace old components.

Over the years, our electrical services have proved that regular maintenance improves the longevity of a Sydney-based office, thereby keeping its employees safe.

Shop Fit-out Services

If your office has a coffee shop or any other goods store in the building, you can contact us for shop fit-outs as well. These are mostly recreational spaces in the office for people to relax, and we have the necessary electrical services to meet your needs.

Here we offer more soothing lighting to calm people down. Plus, the electrical wiring is slightly different since the office needs to use a coffee machine or a microwave rather than data cables.

Apart from that, the shop may remain open 24×7, taking into account night shifts, so we make the required reinforcements to the electrical circuit. This keeps the office protected while employees have a great time in the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need A Permit For Office Fit-Outs?

Yes, you’ll have to get a permit from the building owner for us to provide the service. This entails a fully written consent, stating all the facts, so there are no legal issues later on.

2. Do We Have Flexible Meeting Hours?

We understand people in Sydney work according to different time zones, so our representative will book a meeting outside office hours. In fact, we also provide various electrical services 24/7 to meet your demands.

3. Do We Have 3D Designs?

Our professional team also works to deliver 3D designs of the project for a better understanding. As a result, our electrical services have all bases covered, providing a detailed analysis of the job.

Final Words

We hope you’ve got a clear picture of office fit-outs in Sydney and our commercial electrical services.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service for customers, which involves being flexible to meet various demands. So, give us a call and let us take care of your office!

Letter from the Director

Our Philosophy at Olympic electrical is to run the business following strong and simple codes which we pride ourselves on. We pride ourselves on Cleanliness, Reliability and Quality. By doing this we ensure every single client is left 100% satisfied!

It’s really that simple we treat everyone from our staff to our clients as family to ensure positive results and a happy fun work environment for all.

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