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We offer Switchboard Installations, Repair and Upgrades

With a wide range of switchboards available in the market, installations, upgrades and repairs can become tricky. From fuse boxes to transfer switches, it is not possible to guesstimate and wing it each time. While you may be successful once or twice, the chances of an electrical hazard will reach an all-time high.

Don’t fret because we’ve made your search easier with our team of qualified electricians who are available full-time at your service.

Whether it’s a new switchboard installation, upgrade and maintenance of old fuse boxes, or an electrical issue you cannot figure out – we’ve got you covered! No job is too difficult for us and we service many areas of Sydney and around Australia.

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Switchboard Electrician in Australia

We are a team of NSW-based electricians and repair experts who specialise in all things switchboards! After all, this little box is what charges all of your devices at home. A switchboard that needs an upgrade can cause problems like short-circuiting, overheating, flickering lights and so on.

In fact, the worst-case scenario is that a defective switchboard may even cause an electrical fire. Thus, we recommend letting the experts do their job to maintain the utmost electrical safety.

We follow the Australian Standard AS 3000 while performing electrical jobs to ensure the best service and protection for your family. Other than performing electrical tasks, our main aim is to offer a danger-free zone for you and your loved ones. A home is where one feels safe and secure, and we strive to keep you protected in the long run.
That’s why we don’t just offer instant service, instead, we equip your electricals for long-lasting, if not permanent, protection and efficiency. If we upgrade your switchboard, we ensure the entire electrical system of your house is satisfactory.

How Do We Work?

Now you must be wondering what sets us apart from a wide range of electrical service providers in Australia. Of course, the highly satisfied customer reviews speak for our top-notch service. But hear us out…

First things first, we are available full-time for your assistance. Our customer care team is always online, so you can reach us through email or give us a call. Additionally, you can drop your contact details on our website and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once you decide on a date and time for the appointment, we choose the best electrician from our team according to the electrical requirements at your house. In case of emergency jobs in NSW and Sydney, our team reaches your place within a time frame of two hours. Punctuality is important to us, so if we arrive late, we’ll be happy to work at a discount.

Our timings may differ for electrical jobs in other parts of Australia, but we will let you know in advance. Similarly, our pricing remains consistent, even on public holidays. So you can rely on us at any time without worrying about hidden costs and price hikes. We guarantee transparency from start to finish.

After our electrician reaches your residence, they will look through the electrical issues and explain the problem to you. Depending on the job- maintenance, repair or upgrade, the time required to finish the task will vary significantly. But rest assured that our professionals will fix the switchboard, keeping you free from any type of electrical inconvenience.

The electrician will then offer practical maintenance advice and some handy tips for performing small electrical tasks at home. Although we would love to send our people to your service again, we like to provide results that last.

Lastly, we have trained our electricians to clean and tidy up their place of work. This is an important aspect of our job, and we do not charge extra for this.

What Do We Offer?

Our services include a wide variety of electrical tasks other than a simple switchboard upgrade. Take a look at the list of our services and choose an electrician to match your needs-

CCTVs and alarms

Cooling, heating, and ventilation systems

Exit and emergency lighting

Project management

Automation and control

Underfloor heating

Lighting audits

Home theater and audio systems

Thermographic scanning

Surge and lightning protection

Dust and ignition proof (DIP)

New house wiring

Solar panels

Emergency services in commercial buildings

RCD testing

Circuit identification and trading

Maintenance and servicing

Power-fault finding and repairs, and much more!


Why Choose Olympic Electrical

Switchboard acts as a mediator in distributing power to various appliances in your home or office. To fix the electrical switchboard issue becomes necessary to avoid mishappenings like electric fire. Olympic Electrical electricians are trusted by residents and business people because of years of experience and trust .

Family Owned | Olympic Electrical

Jobs done right the first time

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Switchboard Installation Services

Switchboard Installation becomes a necessity when they become older and dont meet Australian standards. You need not to worry about electrical safety.

Olympic Electrical has you covered! Our team offers full switchboard installation services and offers compliance with Australian standards.

Not sure what kind of switchboard you need? No problem! We can walk you through all the different options and help you choose the right one for your specific needs. We can also suggest other features for your switchboard, like dimming features or switches with motion detection.

So get your new switchboard installed by our trusted team today and avoid any electrical emergencies.

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    Switchboard Upgrade and Repair Services

    Switchboard needs upgrade or repair when you observe that there are frequent electrical fluctuations or electrical fuses get blown up. There is a risk of an electric fire at your premises. Our licensed and experienced team can help you get rid of all these situations by inspecting and either upgrading or repairing your old switchboard and making it compliant with the Australian safety standards.

    Switchboard Regulations

    According to the latest Australian law, an RCD circuit switchboard is a must-have, especially among business owners. In case of the absence of such an upgraded switchboard, the said company can be fined or face more severe circumstances.
    Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and Electrical Safety Regulations state that the RCD switchboard should function properly to stay safe in terms of electrical rules and regulations. Thus, regular electrical inspections can save you from mishaps and potential repair costs.

    No Hike In Pricing

    When we say we are available full-time, we promise consistency in our work and prices too. So no matter the day and time, whether it is Christmas or Easter, we will be at your doorsteps as promised!

    And no, we do not charge extra during odd hours or on special days. None of our tools and hardware carries additional costs. Neither will we ever ask you to run to the nearest store at the eleventh hour.

    Your convenience and satisfaction hold utmost importance for us, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that.

    How to Contact Us for Switchboard Inspection

    As mentioned before, our people are on board full-time. Our licensed and insured electricians can help you whether it’s switchboard installation, upgrade or repair.

    You can contact us by filling out your requirements in the form below and you will get a call back to understand your requirement.


    Need a licensed and insured switchboard Electrician in Sydney?

    Switchboards are the electric circuit significant part which needs immediate attention to resolve any electrical issues at your home or office. Only electricians who have license and insurance can install, upgrade or repair the switchboard.

    Olympic Electrical has served Sydney and its surrounding suburbs with 100% efficiency with its Switchboard services for many years. Our company is trusted by several customers due to its knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of switchboard installation, upgrade and repair services.

    All our electricians are fully licensed and insured to do any electrical work. If you need any help regarding your switchboard we are ready to support you.

    Contact us today for our Switchboard Services.


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