3 Ways to Find a Reliable Commercial Electrician in Sydney

Reliable commercial electricians are not always easy to find in Sydney. The electrical function and safety of any building have to be the building owner’s paramount concerns. However, it can be challenging to find the right worker for the job. If you run a business, electrical faults can be impossible to tackle alone, but finding a qualified and reputable commercial electrician might not be easy.

But what is a commercial electrician? What makes them stand out from electricians that you may employ to work on your private home – and how can you make sure that you have found the right man for the job?

We have some handy hints that should help you when you need to call in the professionals. Read on to discover what makes a reliable commercial electrician and how you can find one.

What is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician is not the same as someone who handles domestic jobs. While both should be certified and highly qualified, a commercial electrician specialises in installing and repairing electrical systems in commercial or industrial spaces. They should also provide services for these settings.

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Unlike a domestic electrician who may be more used to household settings, a commercial electrician will be used to working on large scale jobs, with experience in spaces such as factories, government facilities, shopping malls, labs, schools and more. They are knowledgeable about a higher standard of health and safety, which is necessary in buildings that have a lot of footfall and a lot of use.

Covering everything from air conditioning and emergency lighting to smoke alarm installation, safety checks and beyond, a commercial electrician ensures that your building’s electrical equipment is compliant with current guidance.

But How Do You Find a Truly Reliable Commercial Electrician?

Check their experience and qualifications

Commercial electricians should have a wealth of experience that they can prove with qualifications. They should have worked on complex three-phase electrical installations (one-phase is usually what you would find with a domestic electrician), and have extensive training and experience on commercial projects.

They will have enhanced knowledge of health and safety procedures and large scale electricity challenges, which ensures that they will provide you with an excellent level of service that will ensure that they do the job correctly the first time, in a way that will last.

Ensure they hold the correct licensing

Employing an electrician who is not properly licensed can be both a short and long term mistake that you don’t want to make. Ensuring that your electrician has the correct licensing for the area they are working in (this may be slightly different in different territories) is an essential part of choosing the right commercial electrician.

It is also vital that they hold the correct insurance, as this protects you from liability in case of any accidents or injuries that they may suffer while on the job. This also covers you in case your building is damaged while they are working on it. If you employ a “cowboy contractor” who does not have the correct, appropriate insurance and licensing, you could be opening yourself up to big financial issues in the future.

Not to mention that employing electricians (and other contractors) who are not fully and appropriately certified can open you up to the risk of poor work. When dealing with something as important, and dangerous, as the electrics in your building, hiring a properly licensed commercial electrician is not only an investment in quality – you could be protecting yourself, your employees, and any clients or customers from the very real consequences of shoddy workmanship.

Trust us, if you think it’s worth opting for the cheaper and less qualified choice, it won’t feel that way later on down the line!

Ask for references

A great way to tell if a commercial electrician will be a good fit to work in your organisation is to check out their references and reviews. Reviews should be readily available for you to see online via a general search engine check or on the company’s website.

If you want more specific information, you can check references from previous clients. This will help you to assess whether the electrician truly has the right experience in the area you need and has completed similar jobs. You can contact their previous clients and get a more personal view of their work. These calls or emails could include information that a previous client might not want to share in an online review, so this is a fantastic way to get the honest answers you need.


We hope that now you feel a lot more comfortable about reaching out and finding a reliable commercial electrician. Stick to these tips and you can guarantee that you are getting the best quality of work at the right price every time.

If you’re looking for a reliable electrician, contact our experts today.

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