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Many homeowners in Sydney face a common and potentially life-threatening problem – unreliable smoke alarms. 

These crucial devices are supposed to provide early warning in case of a fire, but they often fail due to lack of maintenance or outdated equipment. This is really dangerous because it puts families at risk because fires can spread quickly, hurt people, and damage your home. 

But there’s a solution! You can get our professional Smoke Alarm Testing service in Sydney. We will ensure your smoke alarms are working well and alert you if there’s a fire. 

Importance Of Regular Smoke Alarm Testing And Maintenance

Regular smoke alarm testing and maintenance are super important for the safety of your home and family.

First and foremost, smoke alarms are your first line of defence against fires. They’re like a guardian that watches over you while you sleep or go about your day. 

When they detect smoke, they sound the alarm, giving you precious time to escape. But what if they don’t work when you need them? That’s why testing is crucial.

Additionally, smoke alarms have a lifespan, typically around ten years. NSW regulations require homeowners to replace their smoke alarms every ten years to ensure they use up-to-date technology. 

NSW regulations also mandate that all residential properties, including rental properties, install working smoke alarms. 

These alarms must be located in the right spots, typically near bedrooms and common pathways. It’s not just about having them; they need to be functional.

What We Do In Our Smoke Alarm Testing?

Check Noise Output Levels

We measure the noise output levels with a specialised decibel meter. This might sound technical, but it’s important. Smoke alarms must be loud enough to wake you up, even from a deep sleep.

Examine The Sensitivity

We also examine the sensitivity of your smoke alarms. Smoke alarms work by detecting tiny particles produced during a fire, and if they’re not sensitive enough, they might not detect the danger in time. 

Inspect The Power Source

We inspect the power source of your smoke alarms. Battery-operated alarms must have functional batteries, and hardwired alarms must be properly connected to your electrical system. 

Inspection Of Components

Detailed Report Of Our Findings

We provide you with a detailed report of our findings. This report includes the noise level measurements, sensitivity tests, power source checks, and any issues we’ve identified. 

Keep Our Workspace Clean

We’re proud to keep our workspace neat and tidy. When we’re finished, we make sure to clean up any mess from our tests. Your home or business will be just as clean as it was before we came.

Why We Are The Ideal Option For Your Smoke Alarm Testing Needs


Certified and Trained Technicians

Our team includes certified and highly skilled technicians. They have in-depth knowledge of smoke alarm systems and ensure they meet the highest industry standards.


Comprehensive Testing

Our comprehensive testing covers all aspects of your smoke alarm system, from functionality checks to sensitivity adjustments, ensuring it operates flawlessly.


Rapid Response Time

We prioritise your safety with a swift response time. Expect us to promptly schedule and carry out the testing, minimising any inconvenience to your daily life.


No Hidden Fees

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. There are no hidden fees when you choose us for smoke alarm testing.

Why We’re The Right Choice For Your Ceiling Fan Installation Needs

Skilled And Experienced

When it comes to ceiling fan installation in Sydney, experience matters. We’ve honed our skills perfectly with over a decade of dedicated service.

Manufacturer Warranty

When you purchase a fan, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which provides you with relief knowing that the experts and manufacturer support your purchase.


We take pride in our work and ensure that when we leave, your place will be as clean as when we arrived. 

Quick Response

With Olympic Electrical, you can be confident in receiving speedy and effective solutions, ensuring rapid access to a refreshing breeze.

Weekend Availability

We know that weekdays can be busy, so we offer our services on weekends with no additional charges.

Easy Payment Options

No need to worry about cash or checks because we accept VISA and MasterCard, making it convenient for you.

Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

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Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

exactfunnel_a_photo_of_a_australian_electrician_is_checking_a_s_fd51ab5c-3aca-45d8-a7da-8f2cf6cedb9e (1)

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If you live in Sydney and need smoke alarm testing, you’re in the right place! A working smoke alarm is super important; we’re here nearby to help you with it.

You won’t have to wait long for us to come to your home or office; we’re just a short distance away and always ready to get to you quickly. Plus, we follow all the rules in Sydney for testing smoke alarms.

So, if you need smoke alarm testing in Sydney that you can count on, just give us a call. We’re your friendly neighbours, here to ensure you and your property stay safe!

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