8 Signs That Your Fridge Needs Repairs

It’s a hot day in Sutherland Shire, and like most Australians, you’re longing for some cold water to quench your thirst.
You open the fridge and take out a bottle, gulping down the water while expecting to experience a wave of relief sweep over you. But that’s hardly the case because, for some reason, the bottle just isn’t cool enough.

What’s even strange is that the bottle was in the fridge overnight, so it should’ve been sufficiently cold by now. Thinking that the heatwave outside is responsible for the refrigerator failing to cool, you forget about the issue.

In reality, it’s one of the foremost signs that the fridge needs repairs, and today’s guide highlights 8 such instances, pointing to a faulty refrigerator.

8 Signs That Your Fridge Needs Repairs

1. Ice Formation

A telltale sign that there’s something wrong with your fridge is excess ice formation on the walls of the refrigerator. It’s pretty easy to spot, especially with regular maintenance, and happens when people overload the insides of the fridge, preventing proper airflow.

The lack of air affects the temperature around the food items, so try emptying the compartments. You may also find excess frost build-up or ice forming on the freezer door and evaporator coils, following which you’ll have to contact a professional servicing company.

2. Noise Levels

While modern refrigerators are virtually noiseless, you can pick up on a slight sound if you’re attentive. The problem arises when the noise level changes from a low humming sound to something louder. It means that there’s an issue with the compressor, and when it malfunctions, it leads to temperature variations inside the fridge.

You’ll have to opt for repairs or purchase a new unit in such a scenario.

3. Doors Fail To Close

Depending on your family size, regularly opening and closing the door might result in structural damage – a common problem with commercial refrigerators in Australia. Since these units are in constant use, removing trays or trolleys frequently might lead to warping, making it challenging to close the doors.

In most cases, the hinges or door seals deteriorate, and the inability of the door to close all the way through affects the ambient temperature inside the fridge. Not to mention, worn-out seals let the cold air escape while warm air filters through, leading to condensation on the external body.

Whenever you see cold food starting to thaw, rest assured that something is wrong, and you should inform a professional company for fridge repairs in Sutherland Shire.

4. Leaking Refrigerant

Compared to other appliances, using a refrigerator doesn’t result in high energy bills unless there’s an issue with the unit. A serious issue that leads to high energy costs is refrigerant leaking from the fridge, impacting its performance.

The refrigerant is the fluid that travels through the coils within the fridge, cooling down the air to prevent the food from deteriorating. Hence, when the refrigerant leaks it affects the optimum temperature inside the unit.

Ignoring this issue will ultimately result in the refrigerant running out, preventing the refrigerator from cooling till it stops working. But until that day, the unit will spend double the energy trying to stay cool, adding up to higher energy bills.

5. Temperature Changes

When it comes to temperature changes, you need to ensure that fluctuations are greater than 1-2 degrees. For that, it’s important to conduct routine maintenance, cleaning the refrigerator from the inside and out to remove food items blocking the coils. This affects air circulation, leading to variations in temperature.

Also, note the temperature settings and ensure that the fridge is adequately cold. In some cases, the door may feel warm to touch, which is a giveaway that something’s wrong.

The obvious conclusion would be that the coolant has run out, but you’ll have to contact a professional for a refill since these are chemicals. They will also conduct a thorough inspection to make sure everything else is fine with the unit.

6. Hot Coils

Since refrigerators are in constant use, they emit a certain amount of heat which is nothing unnatural. But if the refrigerator coils become too hot, it’s a cause for concern and means that the fridge isn’t performing at optimum capacity.

Although the fridge might still be cooling, it will stop working altogether if you don’t repair the problem soon.

7. Cracks In The Walls

If your refrigerator has cracks on the interior or exterior walls, it’s essential to get them repaired ASAP. It’s not rocket science that the walls keep the cold air inside and warm air out, so any significant damage will put the unit at risk of malfunctioning.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to repair the cracks, and the only option is to opt for a replacement.

8. Old Fridge

When you have had the same refrigerator for close to a decade, it’s normal for the unit to develop problems due to old age. While most refrigerators last between 10 and 20 years, the rate of deterioration may be faster in some models, depending on the use.

If the old fridge encounters problems regularly, the best thing would be to replace it rather than make expensive repairs.


With that, we have reached the end of this guide; hopefully, now you know when to hire a professional for fridge repairs in Sutherland Shire.

The best way to minimise the chances of problems is through regular maintenance, but choosing the right fridge is even more important. For instance, a small fridge for a large family will be unable to handle the load, while a large fridge for a single person will remain unused.

It would help if you looked at energy efficiency, the water filter’s performance, wifi capacity, and ice maker before deciding. But if the unit malfunctions, you can always refer to our guide for timely repairs or replacement.

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