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Upgrade Your Switchboard With Quick And Professional Care

Looking for reliable switchboard upgrades in Sydney?

Olympic Electrical offers professional switchboard installation services, including emergency switchboard inspections, to enhance your safety and efficiency.

Prioritise your family’s safety; reach out to us now for expert electrical solutions to ensure your peace of mind.

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      Upgrade Your Switchboard With Quick And Professional Care

      Looking for reliable switchboard upgrades in Sydney?

      Olympic Electrical offers professional switchboard installation services, including emergency switchboard inspections, to enhance your safety and efficiency.

      Prioritise your family’s safety; reach out to us now for expert electrical solutions to ensure your peace of mind.


      Switchboard Installation Services

      At Olympic Electrical, we specialise in switchboard upgrades, offering new installations, replacements, and repairs with a focus on your family’s safety. We’re dedicated to providing top-quality service and protecting your home or commercial property from electrical hazards. Here’s how we can assist you:

      Safety Inspection

      Safety Inspection

      We prioritise your safety with thorough switchboard inspections, focusing on RCD testing to ensure your switches effectively prevent electrical hazards.
      Trust us to keep your environment secure with cutting-edge safety technology.

      Switchboard Replacement

      Switchboard Replacement

      Expert replacement of old or faulty meter boxes with modern switchboard solutions, ensuring enhanced safety and reliability.
      Contact us to safeguard your staff or family.

      Switchboard Installation

      Switchboard Installation

      Elevate your property’s capability with a new switchboard installation from our licensed electricians, specifically designed to support high-demand appliances like air conditioning, modern ovens, or 3-phase machinery.

      Many Clients Are Impressed By Our Service - And You Will Be Too!

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      Switchboard Services in Sydney

      Why Do I Need To Upgrade My Switchboard?

      Detailed view of a well-organized electrical switchboard | Olympic Electrical


      Upgrading ensures compliance with current safety standards, reducing the risk of electrical accidents.

      Ceramic Fuses

      Outdated ceramic fuses lack the sensitivity of modern circuit breakers, posing a higher fire risk.

      Defective Parts

      Worn or damaged components can compromise the entire system’s safety and efficiency.

      Asbestos Panel

      Old panels may contain asbestos, posing serious health risks during maintenance or if damaged.

      No Safety Switches

      Absence of safety switches leaves your system vulnerable to electric shock and fire hazards.

      Fuses Blow

      Frequent blowing fuses indicate an overburdened system that needs an upgrade for safer, more efficient operation.

      Lights Flicker

      Flickering lights can signal an overloaded switchboard struggling to distribute power evenly.

      Loose Connections

      These can cause inconsistent power supply and increase the risk of electrical fires.

      Sparks When Plugging Devices

      Sparks are a clear sign of dangerous faults within the switchboard.

      Burning Smell

      A burning smell from your switchboard is a critical indicator of overheating wires or components.

      Short Circuits

      Regular short circuits suggest that your current system cannot handle the electrical load safely.

      Additional Switches Needed

      The need for more switches indicates that your current setup cannot support your electrical needs.

      Switches Keep Tripping

      Constantly tripping switches are a sign that your switchboard is outdated and unable to cope with your home’s electrical demand.

      How We Work

      Each step of this journey is carried out with a commitment to excellence, ensuring that your switchboard upgrade enhances the safety, functionality, and reliability of your electrical system.

      Initial Examination | Olympic Electrical

      Safety Check

      Our journey begins with a meticulous safety check, where our team of experts meticulously evaluates your existing switchboard setup, identifying any potential hazards or inefficiencies. This step is crucial for laying the groundwork for a seamless upgrade.

      Design & Planning | Olympic Electrical

      Fault Finding

      Next, we delve into the heart of your electrical system, employing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to uncover any hidden issues. Whether it’s outdated wiring or overlooked wear and tear, our goal is to pinpoint and address every fault.

      High-Quality Components | Olympic Electrical

      Remove Old Switches

      With precision and care, we proceed to dismantle and remove the old, outdated switches. This step is executed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that the integrity of your electrical system is maintained throughout the process.

      Step 4

      Circuit Breakers and RCDs

      The installation of modern circuit breakers and Residual Current Devices (RCDs) marks a significant upgrade in your switchboard’s safety and functionality. These components are essential for protecting your home from electrical faults and enhancing overall safety.

      Switchboard Quality Checkup | Olympic Electrical

      Earthing Replacement

      Upgrading the earthing system is a critical aspect of the switchboard upgrade process. We replace any outdated earthing components, ensuring your electrical system is grounded to the latest safety standards. This is vital for preventing electrical shocks and fires.

      Ongoing Maintenance | Olympic Electrical

      New Switchboard Installation

      With the groundwork laid, we move to the centerpiece of the process: installing your new switchboard. Our team ensures that your new switchboard is not only installed to perfection but also configured to meet the unique demands of your home or business.

      Why Choose Olympic Electrical?

      Sydney Electrician

      Expertise and Experience

      When it comes to switchboard upgrades in Sydney, we’re the experts. Our 10+ years of experience ensures all the switchboards are installed with safety and precision.

      Safety Matters

      Your safety is the most important thing to us. We do everything needed to make the switchboard repairs or replacement process hassle-free for you.

      No Mess Left Behind

      We make sure to tidy up everything after we finish the switchboard upgrade process. You won’t need to worry about any mess left behind.

      Local and Trusted

      We’re the most trusted local choice in Sydney. Our customers rely on us because we always try to exceed their expectations with every job. You can feel confident when you choose us.

      Flexible Payments

      We make it convenient for you by accepting different payment methods like VISA, Amex, MasterCard and many other payment gateways!

      Types of Switchboards We Install in Sydney

      Air Insulated Switchboards

      Air Insulated Switchboards

      These offer an economical solution for your electrical needs, boasting a straightforward installation process that makes them a popular choice for most residential projects.

      Cast Resin Switchboards

      Cast Resin Switchboards

      They excel in providing unmatched protection against fire and moisture, ensuring your electrical system remains safe in diverse environmental conditions.

      Metal Enclosed Switchboards

      Metal Enclosed Switchboards

      While on the higher end of the cost spectrum, they provide the best defense against both electrical and mechanical damage, offering long-term durability and reliability.

      Benefits of Switchboard Upgrade


      Upgrading your switchboard enhances electrical safety, preventing hazards like fires and shocks.

      Additional Switches

      A new switchboard allows for the addition of more circuits, accommodating growing electrical demands.

      Energy Efficiency

      Modern switchboards improve energy distribution, reducing waste and optimizing usage.


      Enhanced efficiency and safety lead to lower energy bills and reduced repair costs, saving you money over time.

      How We Help

      Olympic Electrical provides comprehensive switchboard installation services to meet your electrical needs in Sydney.

      Planning the Layout


      We offer switchboard upgrade solutions to enhance safety and efficiency in your home.



      We provide tailored switchboard upgrade services to meet the unique power requirements of your business or office.

      Get In Touch with Your Nearest Switchboard Installer In Sydney

      Say goodbye to outdated switchboards and hello to safety with our professional switchboard upgrade services in Sydney. Call our experienced and licensed local electricians today to make your home or office more organised and secure.

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